The Up (and Down) Side of Cheap Bus Travel

marc acito photo box - cheap bus travel
marc acito photo box - cheap bus travel

I'm sure it makes me sound hopelessly middle-aged, but being able to post this blog on a Megabus from Manhattan to Washington, DC feels like science fiction to me. At 45, I'm old enough to remember the excitement of getting a push-button phone.

A digression: I'm determined not to be one of those people who romanticizes the past (as witnessed by the fact I'm all gee-whiz-ain't-it-cool-I'm-blogging-on-a-bus), but the digital age has eliminated a lot of truly pleasurable sensations. For instance, like letting your finger take a little ride around a rotary phone, accompanied by a satisfying clack-clack-clack. Likewise for typewriters, which also made you feel like you accomplished something when it went ding at the end of every line.