Spring Break Trips for 2011

Spring Break Trips

With the passing of the New Year and a new semester beginning, one of the next major parties firmly in the sights of college students is spring break. Spring break trips have long been mainstays in the world of education, especially with college and university students itching to take a break away from the rigors of academia.

This craving for spring travel remains strong every year, with many dedicated to experiencing distant and exotic locales. Others stick to domestic or alternative spring break trips.

While the urge for spring break travel will remain strong, the year 2011 also brings its fair share of question marks for students planning their vacation. Here are some of the things that may be on the minds of students planning spring break trips this year.

1. Can I afford a spring break trip? There were many last year who wondered how the economy would affect spring break travel. Don't look for that to change much this year. There's already talk that cruise lines and airlines will raise prices due to higher fuel costs. Also, with tuition costs that continue to skyrocket and fewer jobs for students, will more of them vacation closer to home this year? For those planning spring break on a budget, AOL Travel has great tips for spring break budget travel. Stay tuned.

2. Is it safe to take a spring break trip to Mexico? Last year spring break travelers were warned to avoid Mexico, or at least certain parts of it. While the violence in Mexico continues, the country - dependent on tourist dollars - still hosts areas that are relatively safe for spring breakers. If you go, don't be paranoid, but simply vigilant. Some excellent Cancun travel deals may be had this year as Mexico's travel industry tries to draw people in.

3. What of the oil spill and Gulf Coast and Florida beaches? Last year's BP oil spill along the U.S. Gulf Coast caused horrible damage to the ecology of the region. The latest news from Florida is that the beaches are getting better. Other beaches along the Gulf Coast are reported as being similarly clean. But there are still reports that in Alabama tarballs and strange foam have once again been washed ashore. What's clear is that even with clean beaches, the effects of the oil spill may continue to appear. How it will affect students planning spring break trips this year remains to be seen.

4. What are the hottest 2011 spring break destinations? Despite the previously mentioned Mexico issues, people are still apparently planning on hitting up Cancun and Acapulco in droves. Across the pond, Europe is looking increasingly likely to have a strong influx of spring break tourism, especially from Americans, even with the rumored uptick in fuel surcharges. For the more tropical, Nassau and other parts of the Bahamas are looking extremely popular this year. Some spring breakers are turning to cheap cruises to the Bahamas to get their spring break fix. In the U.S., Las Vegas is on the radar this year, especially with mtvU showing up for the party. Even if the MTV vibe isn't your thing, Las Vegas may make a great spring break trip for those Americans looking to stay close to home. And of course people are still talking about spring break trips to Panama City Beach and Daytona Beach, especially with beach crews working hard in the area.

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