RewardVille: Zynga plans a mysterious rewards program

zynga rewardville
zynga rewardville

Hot on the heels of CityVille, Zynga may already be planning another release: RewardVille. Today, Fusible confirmed rumors that Zynga has big plans for this mysterious reward program.

The speculation about RewardVille solidified into fact when it was discovered that Zynga had actually filed a trademark for RewardVille back in mid December. Not only that, but they paid $4,500 for the website: Would you pay that much for a website you didn't plan on using? I think we can definitely expect to hear a lot more about RewardVille in the future.

As of right now, we can only speculate as to what RewardVille might be. A new Zynga Lotto? Maybe a new game? Some believe it may be a continuation of the American Express free items deal we saw in late November. Or perhaps it will just be a way to see all the current rewards across all Zynga's games in one place.

Either way, based on the name RewardVille it sounds like us Facebook gamers can expect some goodies from our friends at Zynga. Stay tuned for more info.

[Via Fusible & Elliot's Blog]

What do you think Zynga's mysterious RewardVille will turn out to be?

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