Mafia Wars gets buzzed by The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet in Mafia Wars
The Green Hornet in Mafia Wars

No, Seth Rogen will not be making an appearance in Mafia Wars--only famous rappers can pull that off--but cool stuff from his new movie, The Green Hornet, will be. Starting today until the theatrical release of The Green Hornet on Jan. 14, we digital mobsters can collect eight different loot items surrounding the feature film adaptation of the famous 1930s radio drama. Doing jobs and fighting other players in any location of the game have a chance of dropping these seven items: Kato's Mask, Black Beauty Missiles, Gas Gun, Double Barrel Gun, Chudnovsky's Gas Mask, Hood Gun and The Green Hornet crest.

Finding all seven will unlock The Black Beauty. Both The Green Hornet's iconic, deadly vehicle and this event's Mastery item with 90 Attack and 45 Defense, the Black Beauty is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Also available in the Market for 25 Reward Points is Kato's Motorcycle, a vehicle item that doesn't contribute to unlocking The Black Beauty with 64 Attack and 88 Defense.

This promotional event follows the still-running Hustlin' Wit Dre event and a recent promotion involving the TNT crime drama Southland. "The entertainment industry has been 'gamified' as these types of unique integrations are connecting millions of players with new and exclusive content," reads an official statement from Zynga. "In return, Zynga's millions of players are creating additional buzz as they interact with films, televisions shows and artists within their favorite games." In other words, there's probably more where this came from for 2011.

Have you found all seven items and the Black Beauty yet? Will you be seeing The Green Hornet when it comes out next Friday in the U.S.? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.