Mafia Wars and The Green Hornet Event: Everything you need to know

Black Beauty
The Green Hornet has been buzzing around in Mafia Wars for just a few hours, but it's time we get to bottom of just how to nab Black Beauty for our own garages. Unlike other promotional events, the drops in this are completely random, meaning that doing any job or fighting any player will have a chance at causing one of the seven items that count toward unlocking Black Beauty to drop.

However, there are certain items that only drop from fighting and others that drop solely from doing jobs. So, find our full list of all seven items and exactly where and how you can find them behind the break.

Hornet Crest
Drops from the first job completed after accepting the event

Kato's Mask
Drops from doing Jobs

Black Beauty's Missiles
Drops from winning Fights

Chudnovsky's Gas Mask
Drops from winning Fights (also available as a Free Gift)

Double Barreled Gun
Drops from doing Jobs

Hood Gun
Drops from winning Fights

Gas Gun
Drops from doing Jobs (also available as a Free Gift)
Technically, you only need to collect five items to unlock the Mastery Item with two of them available as Free Gifts, making this event even simpler. Essentially, this reduces the item hunt to just four items considering the Hornet Crest is a freebie. Find all four items to unlock the Black Beauty, a slick-looking car complete with missile launchers, chain gun, 90 Attack and 45 Defense.

[Source and Image Credit: Mafia Wars Wiki]

Have you found all seven items yet? Have any tips for success that we failed to mention here? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.
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