Healthy Newborn Found In Hotel Suitcase

A hotel porter in Hamburg, Germany heard whimpering, opened a suitcase in an unattended luggage room and found a newborn baby girl zipped inside.

The day-old infant was dressed in a sweater and infant sleeping bag. She is now being cared for at a Hamburg hospital, where doctors report she is healthy but underweight at 4.85 pounds.

The baby's umbilical cord had been tied in a way indicating she was probably born without medical care.

Police launched a search for the baby's mother, saying she could face attempted homicide charges because the baby could have easily died.

A hospital official says the baby could have suffocated or frozen to death.

The black suitcase had originally been left outside near the hotel. A passerby alerted a porter who moved the luggage inside.

Hotel security workers opened the suitcase but saw only clothes, and it was moved to the luggage room.

"Half an hour later I heard crying again and I opened the suitcase with a colleague," porter Naji Habib tells the Daily Bild newspaper. "There was a pretty little girl, dressed in a romper suit, cap and in a baby sleeping bag."

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