FarmVille Winter Wonderland Theme Showcase: The farm goes skiing


In the most recent edition of the FarmVille Showcase by Zynga, the Winter Wonderland Theme is put on display for us. And surprisingly, we can gather quite a lot from 13 seconds of video. In fact, just about all of these items have already been released in the game like the Caribou, Totem Pole, Ski Shop, and Winter Fire Pit. Also released last night was the new animated Ski Jump. Watch in awe as this brave little man performs a back flip from atop the hill only to do it all over again. And again.

Also included in the video are the Fiorland Penguin, which has already been released in the game, what looks to be a black bear cub, a Koala and a giant Panda Bear. For good measure, Zynga threw in a B0V1NE-09 and a Gold Gnome--no farm is complete without them, really. Stay tuned for when the rest of these items go live in-game.

[Source: Zynga]

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