FarmVille Tree Orchard glitch: Colossal purple trees invade the farm

FarmVille Jumbo Tree Glitch
FarmVille Jumbo Tree Glitch

Have you noticed something odd lately in FarmVille? Does a response like, "Holy crap, there are gigantic purple trees with disco balls on them in my Orchard!" ring a bell? Well, several players have reported trees of all kinds in their Orchards growing to gargantuan sizes to FarmVille Freak. According to the blog, this glitch applies only to trees that have yet to be harvested and their size will revert to normal once tended to.

Come to think of it, these look pretty darn cool. While your massive trees would probably become a bother if you kept them up too long, at least take a picture of your farm-turned-forest to make it last forever. It's unsure how long this glitch will be around, so make sure you get a screen shot before you harvest your freakishly large foliage.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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