FarmVille: "Reunite Them" Game Bar appears above Farmville gameplay area


For those FarmVille players with a keen eye, you might have noticed a new Game Bar, or progress tracker of sorts that has appeared above the FarmVille gameplay area on Facebook. This Game Bar is described with only a simple sentence: "Complete the Steps to Reunite Them on Your Farm!"

If you look at the image at the top of this post, you'll see that "them" refers to a Brown Lamb and a Brown Sheep, two animals that we brought you a sneak peek of in the middle of December. We didn't know how the animals would be released in the game then, but we definitely have our answer now.

You'll need to complete a series of steps in order to move the Lamb from the left side of the bar to the right, where he can be reunited with the Sheep. Most farmers will have the first two steps completed automatically, as you'll of course need to have installed FarmVille in order to see the bar in the first place, and you must give Zynga access to your email in order to continue playing (we're sure everyone has caved and given some sort of email to Zynga over the past year+).

Oddly enough, even if you are already a fan of the game on Facebook, the third step - "Become a Fan" may not be completed for you, and you'll need to unlike the FarmVille page and like it again in order for your progress to "click" - I can confirm from experience that this method does correct the problem, or at least bypasses it.

The final two steps actually require a bit of work (warning: the final step is likely to annoy most if not all of you - a LOT). First, you'll need to login to the game at least once per day for a three day period - miss a day and it resets, so this must be three consecutive days in a row. Not so bad. However, for the final step, you'll need to click on the "Okay!" button in order to send out requests to at least five friends (that is, send out enough requests so that five people respond to you), that do not currently play FarmVille. Yes, you read that correctly, you'll need to figuratively spam your friends with FarmVille game requests, until you happen upon five that are willing to add the game long enough to help you.

This is a time when "Don't shoot the messenger" seems like an appropriate saying....

The only way around this seems to be to pay 15 Farm Cash, but we'll let you know if we come across another way to unlock the final step without potentially annoying a big chunk of your friends list.

What do you think of the final step of this Reunion Game Bar? Will you ask your non-gaming friends to play FarmVille long enough for you to finish all of the steps in the activity, or will you simply skip it for the sake of your friendships? Let us know in the comments.