CityVille Winter Clothing Quest: Everything you need to know

Brrrrr. It's cold out there in CityVille! After the release of winter snow on the landscape, your virtual little citizens have got to be freezing, walking around without coats, gloves or hats! That being the case, Zynga has released a new mission called Winter Clothing that will see you collecting such items for your city's inhabitants, of course via the help of friends.

The Winter Clothing mission requires the following:

7 Mittens
7 Winter Coats
7 Winter Hats

You'll be able to unlock any of these tasks for 45 City Cash, if you'd like to not bug your friends to help you, but for everyone else, you can click on the "Ask your friends!" button to post a news item to your wall asking your friends to help you. While you'll likely be able to receive 7 items fairly quickly through these wall posts (if you're like us and have a lot of your friends playing), you can also earn these items in the old-fashioned way - head over to the Free Gifts page and send one of these winter clothing items to your friends in the hopes that they'll send one back.

One other aspect that makes the wall posts the preferred method here is the fact that this is a "Give one, get one" situation - if you answer your friends' calls for help, you'll receive the same item in return. Two birds with one stone - gotta love it.

Make sure to take part in this new quest before your townspeople freeze in the cold! Note: If you don't see the mission appear the next time you start the game (the mission icon is a red hat and pair of mittens), refreshing the game should do the trick of forcing it to appear.

What do you think of the Winter Clothing mission in CityVille? Don't you think your townspeople have been left helpless out in the cold for long enough? Let us know in the comments.