CityVille inventory limit raised to 2,000 - the sky's the limit!


As if the CityVille inventory cap hasn't been raised enough since the game's launch in late 2010, Zynga has announced that once again, the inventory cap has been raised. Up until this point, we've seen the inventory being raised (in multiple updates) from 100 items to the previous limit of 500 items. Now, though, since 500 items apparently doesn't allow players to store everything they could possibly need, you'll be able to store a whopping 2,000 items via the new inventory cap.

Seriously, Zynga? 2,000 items? Not that we're complaining about the extra space (which we've been given for free), but why even bother having an inventory limit at that point? Will the average player really ever have 2,000 items in their inventory at one time? Probably not, so why implement that seemingly arbitrary numerical limit on players at all?

Users don't have to deal with a tight inventory cap in FrontierVille, and in my opinion the game is better off for it. It'll be interesting to see just how far Zynga will increase the inventory cap before perhaps coming to the same conclusion that no inventory cap is better than having one, no matter how large.

What do you think of the 2,000 item limit in CityVille? Have you ever encountered a time where you ran out of room in your inventory? Let us know in the comments.