American Airlines Thanks Passengers In New Welcome Video

American Airlines has unveiled a new in-flight welcome video that features real staff greeting and thanking fliers in multiple languages. The video is meant to evoke a warm fuzzy feeling, but behind the smiles is a distribution war and a ticket price increase.

American wants online travel agencies to get flight information directly from the airline, and not through a third party. Because of the dispute, Orbitz and Expedia have already exiled the airline from their booking systems. Then this week Sabre Holdings, the global distribution system that connects American customers to travel agencies, announced the company plans to sever ties with the airline if an agreement isn't reached by August.

Sabre has already moved American's fares and schedules down in search results, and if a compromise isn't made the only place to get American tickets online may soon be through and the carrier's own website.

American also recently raised airfares for domestic flights by $20 roundtrip, resulting in a domino effect throughout the industry. Continental, Delta, United and US Airways all matched the fare hike.

It is easy to see why American feels like it has to thank passengers for sticking with the airline.

Photo, pylon757, flickr
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