5 Most Luxurious Eco Friendly Hotels

eco friendly hotels

Everyone wants to participate in helping keep the planet in tip-top shape, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice their special relaxation time, their vacation. Instead of choosing between an Earth friendly getaway or a luxury jaunt, you can have both! That's right, luxury hotels and resorts are getting into the eco game by creating rooms made from sustainable materials, adding organic food options to their menus and hiring local artisans for their decor. Instead of sacrificing your comfort, try a green vacation at one of these 5 luxurious eco friendly hotels.

Luxe Eco Friendly Hotel #1: Fouquet Barriere, Paris
Lucien Barriere aims to please guests without being wasteful. Fouquet Barrier calls it 'dignified luxury' and it involves organic produce menus, fair trade decor and accessories across the hotel and a permanent art exhibit benefiting GoodPlanet. But with personalized butler service, a 50ft indoor swimming pool - one of the largest in Paris - and a historic brasserie downstairs, you'll have to excuse guests for temporarily forgetting that they are, in fact, at an eco friendly hotel.

Luxe Eco Friendly Hotel #2: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, British Columbia
Guests at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort do not want for any adventure! Located in the middle of a temperate rainforest, activities abound! Kayaking, ziplining, whale watching, and even cooking classes are available at this glamorous camping style eco resort. Behind the scenes sustainability is key. The resort a member of the British Columbia Sustainable Tourism Collective, tries to have as low an impact as possible on its surroundings by composting all waste, hiring locals who are knowledgable in the lay of the land, and promoting enviornmental legacy programs.

Luxe Eco Friendly Hotel #3: Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort, Costa Rica
Thermal hot springs and turn-down service may not be what you think of when you plan on staying at an eco friendly resort but Tabacon is all that and more. This Costa Rican luxury resort draws from the stunning nature of the nearby Arenal Volcano for their 114 plush rooms and spa. For the ultimate in understanding the beautiful landscape around the hotel, this Leading Hotel of the World invites guests to private dinners in the rainforest.

Luxe Eco Friendly Hotel #4: Bardessono, Yountville
This California LEED certified boutique hotel brings the luxury with just 62 intimate rooms, each specifically designed for in-room spa treatments with organic linens and robes, custom made furniture and extra spacious bathtubs. Outside of their cozy confines, Bardessono guests can indulge in complimentary wine tastings or yoga, or enjoy a meal prepared from fresh produce chosen at local farmers market. But don't let the chic atmosphere fool you, with an underground geothermal heating system, rolodex of local artisans on call, and a roof full of solar panels, Bardessono is not kidding around with their environmental promise.

Luxe Eco Friendly Hotel #5: Sonnenalp, Vail
Sonnenalp is truly family operation, going back to its roots in 1970's Bavaria, which is perhaps why caring for people is so important to them. Besides hiring locals to work for the resort and building partnerships with area merchants, this mountain top Vail resort incorporates strict sustainability practices on waste and water conservation policies, and educates staff and guests on best practices in low-impact transportation and energy production. It might sound like tough work but don't worry, guests are lulled to sleep in the comfort of cozy suites, staring off at the gorgeous Colorado views.

Photo by Bardessono Resort.
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