11 Hot Jobs for 2011

systems analystRobert Half International, a well know brand in the field of staffing, also publishes quite a bit in terms of research, as well as the forecasting of employment trends. Here are their projections for 11 hot job areas for 2011. With the term "Hot" here, being defined as a job field that should expect to experience both increased demand and increased compensation in 2011.

If the projections are accurate, they represent good news for the members of several fields. It's especially encouraging for the many unemployed lawyers and paralegals. Since the bubble burst in the legal sector in 2008 and more administrative tasks are outsourced to countries like India, demand in both job categories has shrunk in recent years. Robert Half sees an uptick.

The downer is that in every field which has been hit hard during a downturn, any sign of recovery means that the competition will likely be Darwinian for the jobs which do open up. If you can't land one of those jobs, it doesn't matter that the average pay in the field has increased.

Another bright spot in a world of increasingly automated offices is the boost in both the demand and compensation for experienced administrative assistants. In all the demand scenarios, experience seems to trump every other requirement. In addition to the expected boost in the legal field, there's expected to be an increase demand fro staff accountants this year.

The bad news for many, is that the eight other growth areas included in the report are in technology related fields. Some of the other job titles listed include data modeler, user experience designer, and business systems analyst.

Here's the entire list of the top 11 fields...

1. Senior Business Systems Analyst

2. Financial Analyst

3. Staff Accountant

4. Enterprise Resource Planning Technical Developer

5. Business Intelligence Analyst

6. Data Modeler

7. Mobile Applications Designer/Developer

8. User Experience (UX) Designer

9. Lawyer

10. Paralegal

11. Senior Administrative Assistant

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