Tatty Teddy: Popular UK teddy bear launches Facebook game

Me To You: My Palce
We've seen the launch of Facebook games supporting many American brands and services, but so far the craze hasn't caught on in other countries. Me to You: My Place is a brand new game developed by Sharkius Games in collaboration with Carte Blanche Greetings, to promote the teddy bear line Me To You Bears (and their Blue Nose Friends). In this game, you assume the role of popular UK icon Tatty Teddy and navigate a world, trying to find all of your stuffed animal friends. Cute to the max? I think so!

The game plays much like other popular games that we know and love. The core gameplay is that of treasure seeking games such as Treasure Isle. You unlock new areas to visit, and while you're there you search squares looking for collection items and new stuffed friends, using your energy that accumulates over time. The unique aspect to the game is the finding your friends bit. While you are digging, the main point is to find your Blue Nose Friends and bring them back to your 'garden' where you can interact with them.
In your garden, you can interact with the Blue Nose Friends that you have collected. Each animal has a name, and various meters that determine how healthy and happy the animal is. Once you have raised the Friendship level with that animal to a particular level, they become your "Friend For Keeps" and you can access them by clicking on your house. With that said, we're not sure what the point is of having Friends for Keeps.

There is also a farm that allows you to grow food for energy for yourself or for your Blue Nose Friends. The store features a few decorative items and trees and the ability to buy more food and energy. The art style feels mixed, as if many artists worked on the game without a cohesive vision on how the graphics would look. In addition, the fonts in the UI are a bit over-stylized and therefore hard to read and interact with.

If you are a fan of the Tatty Teddy brand, you may enjoy this game. However, for the dedicated Facebook game player you'll find that there is much to be desired. The game is lacking innovation and polish. The interface feels a bit clunky, and going out to dig for treasure simply doesn't feel that fun. It feels like a rudimentary attempt at putting together a Facebook game. It might appeal to the fans of the Me to You Bears, but we don't think this one has mass market appeal unless it becomes a much more fun game. It feels like the game took elements of farming, treasure seeking, and standard Facebook fare (like neighbors and gifting) and plopped some of Ravenwood Fair's fonts on top hoping for a win.

Are we missing the mark here? Do you think Me To You: My Place is a fun game?

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