More Americans Moving Overseas to Find Jobs

emigrating to australia Emigrating from the United States to other nations for economic opportunity might be an emerging trend, reports Portfolio. Right now, it's still an atypical career path that seems to be employed mainly either by ambitious or discouraged American job seekers.

However, there is a growing number of articles explaining how Americans can navigate visa regulations and hunt for jobs in nations around the world, such as France.

One popular destination for such job seekers has been Australia. Not surprising when you consider that Australia is currently having an economic boom coupled with its historically low population density.

Currently, business in Australia is encouraging temporary immigration by skilled workers in an effort to prevent wage inflation. The threat is that native skilled workers are heading for lucrative employment in field of iron-ore mining, a product heavily in demand in China. That leaves a shortage of skilled workers in Australia -- a gap that could drive wages skyward. If you are an American worker in dire straits seeking a stop-gap, you might consider investigating the 457 Australia Visa program.

Since 2008, scores of U.S. bankers have been exiting the states for Asia, especially Hong Kong and Singapore. The reasons range from easier access to credit to what some applicants consider a better quality of life. Yet another field in which emigrating is becoming quite popular is teaching at the university level.

With the current supply of humanities doctorates in the United States outstripping demand, those highly educated recent grads are finding plum positions in the Middle East and Asia, reports The Wall Street Journal. Small segments of American job seekers have picked up on these trends and have begun aggressively applying overseas. For example, in 2009, the American University in Iraq-Sulaimani received about 500 applications for teaching positions, mostly from new American Ph.D.s.

Will working abroad become a mainstream option for American job hunters? Only time will tell. Let us know what you think: if you were offered a decent job overseas, how likely would you be to jump at the opportunity?

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