I'm Not at Work Inc. Serves Happy Hour Deals 24/7

Mike and Alisa Messeroff with friends at happy hourYour New Year's Eve bar blowout might be a blurry memory. But you can keep the party going on the cheap and round the clock in 2011.

I'm Not At Work Inc.
expands happy hour to every hour by alerting folks of anytime drink specials at participating bars in New York City and beyond. A $35 membership ($29.75, or 15% off, when you punch in "walletpop" in the coupon code) allows you to redeem the deals.All you do is sign up at the website and pay for the card. Membership lasts a year -- plus two weeks for the card to be delivered.

"Drinks are too expensive," I'm Not At Work Inc. co-founder Mike Messeroff told WalletPop. "And if you spend any time in a bar, you're going to order apps and dinner."

Messeroff, 28, and his wife and business partner, Alisa, 26, were fed-up bar habitues. "We just couldn't go out and spend seven- or eight-plus dollars on a drink," he said. "It's just crazy. We're big happy hour people. Unfortunately, happy hour ends. It's bad for business. It's bad for bars and restaurants. It's bad for people who want to stay out and try new places."

To redeem the deals, you simply show your membership card at participating bars. Typical specials include $1 beers, $1 hamburgers and $10 off for every $30 you spend. There are also old happy hour standards such as two-for-ones.

Bars sign up for the program for free -- 79 had joined as of this writing -- but Messeroff hopes to charge them in the future. The Messeroffs (at left in photo) began the site a year ago after a stint organizing happy hour events at New York City bars. Their revenue is generated solely by the membership fees. Mike Messeroff said I'm Not At Work Inc. has yet to hit the 1,000 member mark, but a national expansion and relaunch within a few months could take care of that.

The website encourages patrons to inform their favorite barkeep that the discount program exists for mutual benefit. Drinkers get the inexpensive grub and grog. Bars get more patrons.

The Messeroffs still host shindigs, and nothing pleases them more when they see clients flashing their I'm Not at Work cards. "It gets people talking," he said.

The average price of a drink in New York is $10.78, according to a Zagat survey, so many of us could use a break when we belly up to the bar.

Messeroff said the card should quickly pay for itself. Wouldn't you trust a man who samples what he sells?

"We were at two of bars last night," he said. "It's a great form of quality control."
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