FrontierVille: "Like" the Zynga Fan Page and receive free Energy


If you're a FrontierVille player, you might want to take advantage of Zynga's quick (and free) new offer on the official Zynga, Inc. fan page. Whether you're already a fan of the fan page, or if you've never liked it before (or if you've liked and then unliked the page after a promotion, for instance), you can now head over to the Zynga, Inc. fan page, "Like" the page if you haven't done so already, and then receive a free Energy item in FrontierVille.

This free energy is unfortunately only a Light Snack, worth just three free energy when consumed, but hey, it's free, and for those that have gone through the two land expansions currently available in the game (which spawns mass amounts of trees and debris around the outskirts of your frontier), you'll know that every bit of free energy counts.

To receive this free energy, just click on the "FREE SNACK" tab on the Zynga, Inc. fan page and click on the image that appears (the image will only appear once you've liked the page). Hopefully this will be the first of many such gifts that Zynga gives away via their fan page. We'll be sure to let you know if more arrives.

Will you like the Zynga fan page just to receive a free snack in FrontierVille, or is the prize not worth the extra clicks? Let us know in the comments.