Bejeweled Blitz tutorial video says, 'Multiplier cubes are your friend'

Want to rake in those high scores in Bejeweled Blitz like those friends of yours who seem to have way too much time on their hands? Well, listen to this guy and you might be well on your way. YouTube user bejeweledtips, who claims his real name is Wladscaw, posted a highly educational and even more entertaining video describing the power of what he calls "multiplier cubes." First, Wladscaw demonstrates a normal level in which he manages to achieve Blazing Speed, but still comes away with under 100 thousand points.

Enter the "multiplier cube." In his second round, Wladscaw scores over 300 thousand points with relative ease using multiplier cubes. And thankfully, this well-informed and articulate fellow goes into detail of just how he did it. Apparently, blowing up 12 jewels in a row will multiply your score for every subsequent set of jewels destroyed. When you reach upwards of seven multiplier cubes, that turns out to be a ton of points. But we'll admit, Wladscaw's enchanting Russian accent does a much better job of explaining than my hideous Philadelphian accent ever could, so enjoy. Check out his YouTube channel for even more tutorial videos. Now, if only our friend Wladscaw would start producing Zuma Blitz tutorials.

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