Witchcraft Now a Legal Profession in Romania -- Witches Are Hopping Mad


In the U.S., the jury, you might say, is still out on how seriously witchcraft or the Wicca religion should be taken. Not so in Romania, at least not any more.

Primarily to collect the taxes on revenues from witchcraft services, reports Newser.com, the government of Romania has classified that line of work as legal. Those employed in it will now be subject to income taxes. In addition to witchcraft, a number of other professions have been classified as real jobs and therefore subject to standard tax reporting. The workers include astrologists, embalmers, valets, and driving instructors.

One witch in Romania called Bratara is hopping mad about this "reform." Bratara told the broadcast media she plans a little voodoo. That consists of casting a spell on the government with black pepper and yeast. The objective is to generate discord among government leaders.