Wearing Glasses Increases Chances of Interview Success

glasses at job interviews
glasses at job interviews

Employers are more likely to hire those who wear eye glasses, reports the Daily Mail. That's what a survey by the College of Optometrists (obviously a group that has no interest in whether you spend money on eyeglasses) found.

43 percent of those questioned declared that folks wearing glasses were perceived as being more intelligent. And about 40 percent of those with perfect vision, indicated when polled, that they would consider wearing glasses to improve their chances of being hired.

What's behind this bias towards the four-eyed population? It could be something as simple as the widely held stereotype that people with glasses tend to be nerds, braniacs, or geeks. While such a label might get you picked last in a lineup for for a kickball game, it will often get you picked first for the boardroom, where profits are the ultimate measure of success.

Another theory suggests that when people see someone in their office wearing glasses, it somehow registers as a signal that it's time for business. The idea is that people in your immediate environment pick up on this subtle cue and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Additionally, the person wearing the glasses may also get caught up in this wave of enthusiasm for doing business, similar to the way in which you might feel a sudden sense of confidence after putting on a nice suit.

So, for your next interview, go to the drug store for a pair of over the counter reading glasses or even some clear specs and leave the contact lenses home.