FrontierVille's Giant Pink Tree goes missing, Zynga is on the case

Giant Pink Tree
Giant Pink Tree

There have been many recent complaints on the FrontierVille forums that the Giant Pink Tree decoration from the Toy Factory has gone missing. A four-page long forum thread has sprouted as a result of the issue, which according to forum moderator Miss Marme, has already been reported to Zynga.

The item, which certainly makes a statement, costs 250 Toys from the Toy Factory. If you've been keeping up with recent events on the homestead, you'll know that collecting 250 Toys is no easy feat and the Giant Pink Tree is the second most expensive present available inside the Toy Factory. According to FrontierVille Info, many players are receiving this message upon logging into the game at the top of the screen, "We appreciate your patience while we work to resolve an issue where Pink Christmas Trees are temporarily missing." It's unsure what type of solution Zynga is cooking up for this little mishap, but let's hope it involves either bringing the Giant Pink Tree back or a pretty hefty refund.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Wiki]

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