FarmVille Pigpen Expansion: Everything you need to know plus links

Pigpen Expansion
Pigpen Expansion

Bring on the slop, farmers, because Zynga will soon allow you to expand your Pigpens in FarmVille. Thanks to our friends over at FarmVille Freak, we have all the information and tools you'll need to get that Pigpen even bigger (and even sloppier) as soon as possible. Luckily, it's pretty simple albeit potentially tedious. You'll need to acquire 12 of these three items from friends in good old "BegVille" style:

  • 12 Wooden Boards

  • 12 Bricks

  • 12 Nails

Get all 36 items and, just like that, your Pigpen will be able to hold twice as many Pigs as before at 40 Pigs. After about 20 minutes on the good old calculator, I deduced that this should... double your chance of finding precious Truffles. What, does it look like I went to college for mathematics? Anyway, if you're having trouble finding any of these three items in your Free Gifts page, here are some links that should take you straight there:

-Wooden Boards>



[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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