CityVille Franchise update patches issue with deleting HQ

Franchise Deleting Confirmation
Franchise Deleting Confirmation

You can lift your fingers from that big red button now, mayors. Zynga introduced a small update to CityVille yesterday that, when opting to delete a Franchise Headquarters, causes a pop up confirmation message to appear. The message, pictured above, asks players to confirm whether they would like the HQ to be sent to their inventory, which is somewhat old news.

Before this change, all deleting a Franchise HQ did was send it to your inventory. This change, well, informs you of that, giving you a chance to stop it. This must have been a pretty major issue to warrant what appears to be a reactive update. This change comes after several recent tweaks to the game's interface, optimizing several aspects of gameplay that before took several actions to perform. Considering the game is little more than a month old, we doubt this marks the end of game fixes and changes.

[Via CityVille Forums]

Did you ever have an issue with accidentally or intentionally deleting a Franchise HQ? What other changes or optimizations do you think need to be made to CityVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.