Better Ways to Spend $40 Than on Pajama Jeans

Pajama Jeans (or PajamaJeans as the trademark calls them) may look like a fashionable way to keep warm and comfortable, but it's a slippery slope from those to wearing a bathrobe to the supermarket.

The women on "The View" may like the denim look and soft feel of these $39.95 cotton and spandex jeans (which magically drop to $29.95 plus $7.95 postage and handling when you try to close the web page), but as I pointed out a year ago when pajama jeans made another winter push into America's closets, nothing says lazy more than wearing what are basically pajamas out in public.

Instead of spending $40 on a pair of Pajama Jeans, you could buy leggings at Walmart for $12. That recommendation isn't for men, however, as Conan O'Brien recently showed when wearing the leggings that are designed to look like jeans.

For the same $40, you can buy a regular pair of jeans to actually wear outside, or buy two pairs of sweatpants at Old Navy.

But don't let the high price of pajama jeans fool you. This isn't about whether you have $40 to blow on a pair of ridiculous-looking jeans or not, but whether you're willing to be seen in public in something that makes you look lazy. Wear what you want at home, but don't try to fool anyone into thinking you're wearing fashionable jeans when what you're really wearing are pajamas while out running errands.

Is this what America needs? Jeans that you can sleep in, roll out of bed in and head to the store in to pick up some milk? I wear sweatpants while walking my dog around the neighborhood in the morning, but I'd never wear pajamas or a bathrobe outdoors, or pajama pants.

I get it that men aren't the target audience for pajama jeans, but I still don't want to see people walking around in what are basically pajamas while I'm shopping at Safeway. If you can't make the effort to get dressed before leaving home, then stay home.

Because once you get used to wearing pajama jeans outdoors, what's to stop you from going all the way for comfort and switching to sweatpants, then to pajamas, then to a bathrobe? Are we that lazy as a nation that we need pajama jeans, and not regular jeans, to wear?

The only thing good about pajama jeans is that the TV commercials bombarding the airwaves are so funny and mockable that you'd think they were a skit on "Saturday Night Live" back when the show was funny.
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