Zynga & Best Buy offering $100,000 in prizes in Game Card redemption contest


If you are the kind that doesn't have a problem spending real money on your Facebook games, Zynga has partnered with electronics retailer Best Buy to offer over $100,000 in prizes in a new contest for users that redeem Zynga Game Cards purchased at Best Buy over the next month.

To be clear, this is a contest - just because you redeem a Game Card that you purchased at Best Buy, that doesn't guarantee you a prize. However, for a handful of lucky players, there are some massive (and might I say extremely awesome) prizes at stake. Here's a look at what's being given away:

$5,000 Reward Zone Certificates (Best Buy's proprietary rewards program)
Two Computer Packages
(each valued at $2500)
One Home Theater Package
(valued at $1500)
Ten Apple iPads
Ten Xbox 360 gaming consoles
$500, $200, $100, and $50 Reward Zone Certificates

See? I told you there were a bunch of great prizes up for grabs. All you'll need to do to enter is purchase a Game Card corresponding to particular Zynga games - FarmVille, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, YoVille, FrontierVille or Treasure Isle - and redeem that card on Facebook for the appropriate premium currency. Each time you redeem a card, you'll receive an entry into the contest, which will end at the end of January. For those that want a free entry, you can also enter by mail (see here for how to do so). Again, there is no limit for how many entries you can receive - every purchased Game Card will result in one entry for one particular Facebook ID (that is, whoever redeems the Card gets the entry, and that's it).

Good luck to all those that enter!

Which of these prizes would you most like to win from Best Buy and Zynga? Will you purchase a Game Card just to enter the contest? Let us know in the comments!

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