Top Five Fuel Sippers to Buy With Gas Prices Passing $3

Man checks gas prices in San Francisco in DecemberGas prices passed $3 per gallon last week, the highest level in 26 months.

Though one popular survey of gas prices, the Lundberg Survey, said gas prices peaked at a national average of $2.99 per gallon, some other surveys have had the national average above $3, and, of course, it is already well above $3 in many parts of the country.Many analysts believe that gas prices will almost certainly end 2011 at higher levels than what they are now.

Higher gas prices, while burdensome to consumers, should help automakers sell the more fuel-efficient models they have produced to comply with new government fuel economy requirements.

The new standards, in annual steps, are meant to get the combined national fleet average to 35.5 mpg for 2016 models, a 30% rise from the 27.3 mpg of the 2011 model year. The first step is a total fleet average of 30.1 mpg for 2012 models, which officially can go on sale this week.

So what are the top five vehicles for fuel economy?

According to, the top five vehicles ranked by mpg are:

2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid: City 51 mpg; Hwy. 48 mpg
2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid: City 41 mpg; Hwy. 36 mpg
2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: City 41 mpg; Hwy. 36 mpg
2011 Honda Civic Hybrid: City 40 mpg; Hwy. 43 mpg
2011 Honda Insight Hybrid: City 40 mpg; Hwy. 43 mpg
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