Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino To Pay $650,000 To Settle Sex & Drugs Case

The Gaming Control Board in Nevada has filed a complaint against the Las Vegas Hard Rock, claiming employees sold drugs and provided private restrooms for patrons to take drugs and engage in sexual activities.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the Hard Rock is not admitting or denying the allegations, but hopes to settle the matter by forking over a $500,000 fine, plus an additional $150,000 split between the Gaming Control Board and Metro Police to cover the cost of the investigation.

The complaint notes that Nevada casinos were warned in 2006 and again in 2009 that illegal activities--notably public sexual acts, drug distribution, violence, and excessive drunkenness--would not be tolerated in nightclubs or other venues.

During investigations by the board in November 2009, a Hard Rock hosts and security officers sold cocaine and ecstasy to undercover detectives. A detective was shown a locked private restroom used for drug abuse, and a hotel-casino VIP admitted he was under the influence of ecstasy and said he could arrange drug purchases.

According to the settlement, the Hard Rock has taken "significant steps" to correct the problems, including axing employees and key executives. The casino has since tested all security officers and many other workers for drugs, and maintains 97.5 percent of its employees are drug free.

The state Gaming Commission will go over the proposed settlement at an upcoming meeting in either January or February.

Photo, tedmurphy, flickr.
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