FarmVille Winter Wonderland Building: Bundle up and head into the new Igloo


Brrrrr. It's cold in here. You'd think the walls were made of ice or something. Oh wait... in the case of FarmVille's newest Winter Wonderland building, the Igloo, they are made of ice! The new Igloo is a cute, average sized building item that you can purchase for Farm Cash as a decorative building for your farm. Unfortunately, you can't actually walk inside it - darn!

The Igloo can be purchased for 16 Farm Cash, and can be sold for 8,000 coins, should you change your mind about keeping it once the winter season ends. You'll receive 1600 experience points as a bonus for purchasing the Igloo. While 16 Farm Cash might seem like a high price, this is actually one of the most affordable buildings we've seen released in the game in some time, at least where premium, or Farm Cash only, items are concerned. That being the case, we certainly couldn't blame you if you wanted to pick this one up because of its slightly lower price.

The Igloo will remain in the game for the next 13 days, at which point it will disappear from the store, likely not to be seen again (at least not until Zynga potentially decides to re-release the Igloo next year once winter comes around).

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What do you think of the Winter Wonderland Igloo? Will you purchase it to make your farm look more like the arctic? Let us know in the comments!

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