FarmVille Mystery Game (01/02/11): "Best of" animals now available


It's a Sunday night, and during the holiday season, that means that FarmVille's Mystery Game has been restocked with six new items for you lucky players to try and win. This week's theme is "Best of" animals, and it contains, as the name suggests, some animals that were released in the game previously, but were removed and are now making a reappearance (likely due to fan suggestions).

The confirmed contents of this week's Mystery Game are:

White Peacock
White Owl
Japanese Duck
Red Parrot
Female Ostrich

Remember, these items range in rarity from Common to Rare, so keep that in mind when playing the game. If you'd like to do so, this week's Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash to play, with 20 Farm Cash earning you a single dart that you can use to attempt to win one of these prizes.

This week's Mystery Game contents will be available for just the next six days, at which point another round of the Mystery Game will launch, with six new items to play for and collect.

What do you think of the contents of this week's Mystery Game? Do you already have some of these animals on your farm? Let us know in the comments.