Compare and Contrast: The Best Gym Membership for Your Money

Snap Fitness best gym prices
Snap Fitness best gym prices

Getting fit has long been one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions, and perhaps the one that's broken the most. But this year will be different. Really. Really. And to make it more feasible for you to achieve your goals, Compare and Contrast, Money College's new price comparison column, is going to help. We've been working out -- our mouse-clicking finger -- to research five different national gym chains, to find out the costs, the perks, and ultimately the best value for you. Now, you have no excuse. Except your busy schedule. And the bad weather. And winter fatigue.

All the information listed below is current as of Dec. 17. Pricing information below reflects membership to single clubs in the New York City area, California and the Midwest. Prices and gym features are subject to change by location.