CityVille Cheats and Tips: How to move, sell and delete items

cityville cheats move items
cityville cheats how to move itemsIf you've been playing CityVille for a while, you know the importance of moving and deleting items. Moving decorations and organizing your buildings can earn you thousands of extra coins for very little energy. Unfortunately though, many people just aren't sure how to move or delete their items. This makes decorating and reorganizing your CityVille city a daunting task. Fortunately for you, moving and deleting items is extremely simple. Unlike other city building games like Millionaire City, CityVille lets you move items for free, no money, bots, or cheats required.

To move an item, building, decoration, or some other CityVille structure, simple click on the arrow or cursor button at the bottom right of the screen (pictured above). It can be found above the 'Build' button and left of the button that contains your Inventory, Collections, and Franchises.

Click the cursor button and a menu will open allowing you to either move, rotate, or sell an item. When you're done moving items, click the Stop icon where the cursor icon used to be. Simple.

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