American Barred From Investigation of Runway Incident

American Airlines was barred from the investigation of a runway incident in Jackson Hole, Wyo., after the National Transportation Safety Board found the carrier violated its standards of conduct.

The incident occurred on Dec. 29, when a 757 aircraft ran off the end of a runway in snowy conditions.

No injuries were reported among the 181 passengers and crew.

The NTSB said it learned that the cockpit voice and digital flight data recorders were flown to American's Tulsa, Okla., maintenance base, where technicians downloaded information from the digital flight data recorder.

In a statement, NTSB chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman said an examination determined that no information from the recorder was missing or altered in any way.

However, she said, "the breach of protocol by American Airlines personnel violates the Safety Board's standards of conduct for any organization granted party status in an NTSB investigation." Therefore, the board revoked American's party status in the investigation.

American Airlines said "there was no attempt to circumvent any collaborative process with the NTSB or FAA."

The carrier said it has begun an internal review of its procedures "to insure that it is in full compliance with the NTSB."

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