Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash from Pretty Little Liars promotion


In a new FarmVille Farm Cash promotion, Zynga is now offering two free Farm Cash to users that wish to participate. The promotion is with the ABC Family television show Pretty Little Liars, and the promotion itself can be found by clicking on the Sponsored Link window as seen at the right of this post.

The promotion will launch in a new window, where you'll be shown a survey asking "Would you keep a dark secret to protect your friend?" This of course fits with the subject matter of the television show, but you can luckily answer in any way that you'd like in order to receive credit.

You'll know that you've received your Farm Cash when the "You've earned your Farm Cash" line appears in the top right corner of this new window. You can then close that window and reload FarmVille to ensure that your two free Farm Cash have been added to your account (if you don't see them pop in automatically).

If you don't see this promotion on your account, you may have other promotions that are cycling through first that must be completed before this newest one will show up. Also, this promotion is only available for those playing the game in the US, so international players are unfortunately not eligible.

Have you found this new promotion on your FarmVille game page? What will you do with your 2 free Farm Cash? Let us know in the comments.