Create new plants, and sell your creations in Secret Plant Society on Facebook

I know what you might be thinking - "Please tell me this isn't another game where we're forced to grow things." Unfortunately, it is. However, this definitely isn't your average "farming" game on Facebook; in fact, it doesn't take place on a farm at all. Gamehouse's Secret Plant Society gives each user their own greenhouse, a set of pots and seeds, and then sends users on their way to create, grow, harvest and sell a wide variety of plants, mostly created by the user themselves.

The game's focus on hybridizing your plants to create new varieties is an unexpected, but definitely appreciated twist in the "agricultural" genre of games on Facebook, and it seems to offer a real hook for those that like to "collect everything" in their games.

You'll start with a series of just three kinds of seeds - what you do with those seeds is up to you. You can either try to create new plants, expanding your library and growing your green house to new sizes, or you can specialize in a particular variety of plant, slowing down your progress but letting you customize the game in just the way you'd like to experience it.

Meet us behind the break for a complete look at what makes Secret Plant Society different from the average Facebook game.