Create new plants, and sell your creations in Secret Plant Society on Facebook

I know what you might be thinking - "Please tell me this isn't another game where we're forced to grow things." Unfortunately, it is. However, this definitely isn't your average "farming" game on Facebook; in fact, it doesn't take place on a farm at all. Gamehouse's Secret Plant Society gives each user their own greenhouse, a set of pots and seeds, and then sends users on their way to create, grow, harvest and sell a wide variety of plants, mostly created by the user themselves.

The game's focus on hybridizing your plants to create new varieties is an unexpected, but definitely appreciated twist in the "agricultural" genre of games on Facebook, and it seems to offer a real hook for those that like to "collect everything" in their games.

You'll start with a series of just three kinds of seeds - what you do with those seeds is up to you. You can either try to create new plants, expanding your library and growing your green house to new sizes, or you can specialize in a particular variety of plant, slowing down your progress but letting you customize the game in just the way you'd like to experience it.

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The game begins by offering you six starter plants, which you'll learn to take care of through the game's tutorial. The basics here are what you'd expect - you'll plant various flower or plant seeds, wait for them to grow (different plants require a different amount of time to grow), and you can then harvest them for coins once they've matured. However, the gameplay takes on a twist, as you are allowed to hybridize your plants to create new varieties.

For example, your six starter plants are regular Clover Plants. Hybridizing them by allowing Clover to grow side by side can produce a Mystery Seed. Growing this Mystery Seed to maturity (in the same way that you'd grow any other plant), will reveal its nature to you. In our case, this new plant is the Vigorous Clover, which has more than one "flower," if you will, for each plant that is grown. These hybrid plants tend to be worth more coins when sold, so it's worth growing them.

You'll be able to keep track of the many plant types you unlock via the in-game almanac, which shows you detailed information about each plant that you've researched. You'll see how long each kind of plant takes to mature, how many coins it costs to plant them, and how many coins the plant will sell for, along with the experience points that you'll gain for growing it. Plants can be mastered, but depending on the rarity, price, etc. of the plant, the amount of individual plants that you'll need to harvest of each kind varies.

As the real draw of the game seems to be the creation of new plant types, luckily, the Almanac also shows you how many different hybrids you'll be able to create with an individual plant. In this way, after you've filled in all of the blank spots that are shown to you in the almanac, you won't waste time trying to make other hybrids, since you'll know they don't exist, at least within the game.

As for other gameplay elements, you'll be able to decorate your greenhouse, and customize it by expanding it to larger sizes, purchasing storage chests to hold excess decorations (like the recently released Christmas decorations, as an example), adding upgraded Pots to grow flowers, and so on. These pots will hold more water than your standard "Starter Pot," which only holds three hours' worth of water. If you let a plant wilt once it has been grown, you can bring it back to life by using the watering can in the game's menu.

In terms of social elements, you'll be able to visit your friends' green houses, and send them free gifts, which, as of this writing, consist solely of "stake" decorations, so that you can make each individual pot have its own decoration, if you so choose.

The game contains the standard currency of coins, but also allows you to spend Green Bucks, the premium currency, on items like Fertilizer, which speeds up the growth time of plants by a variety of times, ranging from 1 hour to 1 day. Of course, the more time the fertilizer takes off of a plant's growth time, the more it costs, and vice versa. You'll be able to earn more fertilizer, along with coin and experience point rewards by completing a light series of quests, asking to plant certain seeds, purchase specific decorations, and so on.

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