Empires & Allies Future Fleet Week brings back high-level ships


If your fleet in Empires & Allies is looking a bit bare, or you're finding yourself struggling in naval combat against enemies both real and story based, you might want to take a look at the eight ships being made available the "Future Fleet Week" event within the game.

This event brings eight ships to the store, with four pairs of regular and elite models of the same basic designs:

Advanced Bismarck
Yamato II
Advanced USS Enterprise
Advanced HMS Hood

The regular versions of these ships range in power from 300 - 350 points, while the elite versions will cause most enemies to tremble with stats ranging from 520 - 640 points. Just keep in mind that you'll need to be a high-level player to actually be able to access these elite ships, as all are locked until you reach Level 50. Having that much firepower in your arsenal would likely be worth it, however, so if you're only a couple of levels away from 50, it's worth rushing to see if you can snag one or more of these elite ships before they leave the store.

Speaking of, you'll have just about two weeks to go shopping for these ships in the store, so clear out some room in your waters and go shopping soon!

What do you think of these elite naval units? Are you planning on purchasing one specific ship of the eight, or will you try to purchase as many as you can afford? Sound off in the comments.