Congratulations to our Sixth Laptop Winner: Marketta Harris

Congratulations to our Sixth Laptop Winner: Marketta Harris
Marketta Harris from East Cleveland, Ohio

She chose the HP Envy 14!

Marketta wrote:

It would mean the world to me, and provide a great source of relief and help, to win a brand new laptop! I've struggled so much these last two years, having been laid off of a job that employed me for more than 14 years -- and I was expecting at the time. Right now, I am a single mom who attends classes at a nice outreach program that's trying to help me network and find employment.

It's difficult when time is so limited to use the computers to job search when so many are clamoring for the same few machines. I can better stay up on learning new programs/software to enhance my skills to create a better chance to find sustainable employment. I'm optimistic that 2011 will take me in a better direction: a better place to live, a new job and taking better care of my family then later furthering my education. And it doesn't hurt that my birthday is this month too! Thank you for your time and consideration.