Playfish's New Years Event Round-Up: Catch up with Restaurant City, Hotel City, Pet Society & More!

If you're an active player of one of Playfish's many Facebook games, you'll be happy to hear that the developer has some very exciting activities lined up for players in honor of the new year. These New Year themed items / events are taking place in six of their games: Pet Society, Restaurant City, Fifa Superstars, Madden NFL Superstars, Country Story, and Hotel City.

You'll be able to purchase new, exclusive items, earn free coins, participate in contests, and more - all with the help of our handy guide. Want to see what's going in the game of your choice? Meet us behind the break for everything you need to know to bring in the New Year with a bang!

Pet Society:

Playfish's pet-caretaking game is now offering a slew of New Year's themed items. Technically, this week's theme is called the "New York" theme, but there are plenty of New Years banners, and other decorations to purchase that will make sure your pet welcomes the new year with style, just as we all will in the real world.

Some of the items include 2011 Fireworks that glow in the dark, a Happy New Year banner for 600 coins, an animated New Years ball for 2,000 coins, balloons, party hats, an even a "Happy New Year 2011" neon sign, that also glows in the dark. Some of these items will only be available for one week, so purchase them soon so that you don't miss out!

Restaurant City:
Maggie (the game's mascot) is now giving away free coins, every single day you play the game. Starting on January 1 (psst, you might be able to claim some today, if you're lucky - we did), you'll be able to login and receive a free coin bundle for the first time you login that day. This isn't something to sneeze at either, as these coin bags will contain 25,000 coins each! Maggie will be giving away 200,000 coins in total, for the span of eight days, so make sure to keep logging back into the game to make the most of this free coin extravaganza!

As an added note, it's believed that you must be a fan of Restaurant City on Facebook for these coins to automatically appear in your game. Make sure to head to the game's fan page, click on the "Like" button and then check your game's left-hand menu to see when the coin bag arrives in your game. Plus, fans of the game receive free items, most on a daily basis, so being a fan really does serve a noticeable purpose.

Fifa Superstars:

Fifa Superstars is now offering daily deals to players who would like to add an extra edge to their game that will help long into the future. These deals will run until January 6. For today's deal, you can pick up a new Coach for just 1 Coin, the game's basic currency. This is an item that normally costs 12 Playfish Cash! Talk about a bargain! Deals can be anything from Match Credits and Silver Transfers to those dealing with Personal Trainers, and (as we've seen) coaches, so be sure to login once per day to see what the new deal is in the game.

Madden NFL Superstars:

Players of Madden NFL Superstars are now being given a chance to enter the Ultimate Experience contest, just for playing the game during this holiday season. All players that login to the game once per day will earn an entry to win a complete NFL "Ultimate Experience," including a Home Theater System, Xbox 360 game system with Kinect, Madden NFL 11 game, and more! Luckily, the game will allow all users to have the same amount of entries, based on whether or not you log into the game. That being the case, everyone has the same chance of winning, so why not login to the game and make sure you have a chance of winning too?

Country Story:

Country Story's event is a unique one, in that the majority of the event hasn't even started yet. Instead, we've been given a hint that a new animal will be arriving in the game on January 4th, and that it could possibly be the "cutest animal ever," according to the game's fan page. Playfish has created an entire Event (as in, an actual Facebook Event) that users can say that they're "Attending," and as more users RSVP that they will attend the event, the prizes will become greater.

First and foremost, they are giving away an exclusive Playfish Cash Monkey. After that, the prizes are secrets, but are apparently "mind blowing" and "amazing," and you simply won't want to miss out. The developer's goal is to have 100,000 users RSVP that they are attending, but it seems as though they may not actually have to reach that number in order to give away the prizes, as they have released a full schedule of the upcoming event on the event's page. On Jan. 3, a special surprise will be given away, and the free Playfish Cash Monkey will come on January 5. Other days see users being given a free gift on the game's fan page, so keep checking back to see what it is.

Hotel City:

Last but certainly not least, Hotel City will be offering a similar giveaway to that of Restaurant City. Upon your first login to the game from January 3-7, you'll receive 10,000 free coins, just for logging into the game! If you miss a day of logging in, you'll miss those free coins, so make sure to take at least a few seconds to claim your coins everyday in order to make the most of this rare event.

And there you have it! A complete run-down to all you need to know concerning Playfish's New Years celebrations. Happy New Year!

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Which game's event are you most excited for? What will you do with your free coins in Restaurant City or Hotel City? Let us know in the comments.

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