Norwegian Cruise Line CEO, Kevin Sheehan, is Not Quite Ship Shape on 'Undercover Boss'

undercover boss kevin sheehan
undercover boss kevin sheehan

Regardless of whether or not you buy into the 'Undercover Boss' concept, going behind the scenes, or "below deck" at one of the world's leading cruise lines is fascinating. The Love Boat it ain't -- it's much bigger, better and and more complicated.

President and CEO Kevin Sheehan, who has been at the helm of Norwegian for three years, was eager to show viewers what it takes to feed, entertain and accommodate up to 4,000 passengers all at once. With more than 16,000 employees from 70 countries, it's hard to check out everything, but Sheehan spends as much time as possible on the ships trying to connect and supervise.

That style of management, however, nearly became his undoing. He was recognized by a server immediately when assigned to wait tables on the Norwegian Epic, sailing out of Miami -- it seems Sylvia had served him before on one of his visits, and she knew exactly who he was. Rather than deny his true identity, he confided in her about what was going on, and he went back to the drawing board to beef up his disguise.