Last-Resort Insurance

In some cases, you may find it very difficult to obtain auto insurance. Reasons may include:
Being a new driver
Having a poor driving record
Driving a hard-to-insure vehicle.
If you fall into this category, you have a couple of options, according to the Insurance Information Institute:
Participate in a state-assigned risk pool. State insurance commissions set up risk pools for certain high-risk insurees. Auto insurers agree to insure a share of the pool in proportion to how much voluntary insurance business they do in the state. Insurance premiums for state-assigned risk pools are higher than what you might otherwise pay, but at least you will be able to obtain coverage.
Obtain coverage with an insurer that specializes in higher-risk insurees. Your state insurance commission may be able to identify some insurers in your state that underwrite high-risk drivers.
If you have questions on obtaining "last-resort" insurance coverage, you can contact your state insurance commission. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners maintains a directory of state offices at its Web site.
2008-07-21 17:09:20
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