FarmVille: Get ready for a New Years Double Mastery Weekend!


Are you ready for another Double Mastery Weekend in FarmVille? I hope you are, because starting at 9:00 PM PST time tonight, Zynga will be flipping the switches on another installment of Double Mastery Weekend, in honor of the New Year holiday.

This means that any time you harvest crops from 9:00 PM PST this evening, until the event ends at 9:00 PM PST on January 2 (Sunday), you'll earn an extra mastery point. If you don't use a bushel while harvesting, this means you'll earn 2 mastery points for every single crop your harvest. Remember, though, this effect will stack with crop bushels, meaning that when one is used, you'll earn three - count them, three - points of mastery for each individual square of a crop that you harvest, so long as you do so before it withers.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to master some of those higher level crops that take more than 1,000 harvests per some star levels, as you'll cut your farming time down to a third of its original length! How great is that?! Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity while it's available this weekend.

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Will you take advantage of Double Mastery Weekend in FarmVille? Which crops will you try to master this weekend? Let us know in the comments.