Baker's Home Sold at Foreclosure Auction

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DURHAM, Conn. (July 11)- A bank has taken over the Durham home of former NBA player Vin Baker at a foreclosure auction.
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The house has six bedrooms and is a 9,300-square-foot Georgian brick colonial on a 12-acre parcel. The property also features a two-lane bowling alley, basketball court, guest house and pool.
A Middletown attorney said Thursday the home has been bought by U.S. Bank for $2.5 million. U.S. Bank holds two mortgages on the property.
Baker still has the option of appealing the sale which was conducted June 28.
Baker, who grew up in Old Saybrook, starred for the University of Hartford and spent 14 years in the NBA with the Boston Celtics and six other teams.
Information from: The Hartford Courant,
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2008-07-21 17:01:14
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