Social game spoilers: Love 'em or hate 'em?

FarmVille New Years Countdown
FarmVille New Years Countdown

Spoilers. They're a popular staple of many a social game blog (including this ridiculously good-looking one, mind you), but not everyone is a fan. At least according to FarmVille forum user sophiemilan who believes posts containing unreleased items and content ruin the element of surprise. For this digital farmer, it got to the point where they literally stopped visiting sites that covered unreleased game content.

"When updates come out, it's just a matter of seeing which unreleased item they decided to release," sophiemilan says. "There is no element of surprise anymore."

The user even mentions that companies like Zynga have become privy to the practice, posting its own sneak peeks on its fan pages for FarmVille, FrontierVille and even CityVille already. And the problem persists when friends see the news and regurgitate it through their Facebook News Feeds. So, let's have it out in a poll, shall we?

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