Man Tries to Bring Turkey On Plane

Airport security officers in Wales stopped a passenger trying to sneak a turkey on a plane – a 10-pound uncooked frozen turkey.

The incident happened at Cardiff Airport, where security officers informed the man that he couldn't bring the perishable bird to Malaga, Spain in his hand luggage.

"Finding a turkey in hand-luggage is one of the most strange things we've ever found," an airport spokesman says.

But officials say other recently confiscated items at airport security include a goldfish, a chainsaw, lifejackets and a briefcase full of bricks.

The spokesman says the passenger was "quite puzzled" when his frozen bird was removed from his hand luggage.

He reportedly asked officers "Why are you making a fuss – will it thaw at 30,000 feet?"

The man said he had packed the bird because he was concerned he couldn't find a turkey for his holiday meal in Spain.

A Cardiff airport security official urged travelers to check with airlines before trying to bring unusual items on flights.
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