FrontierVille Winter Collection: Everything you need to know

Hot Cider
Hot Chocolate

Winter Bear
Winter Bear

Along with the New Years Party Goals and New Years Dance Floor came a new Collection in FrontierVille to, well, collect. Like all Collections, this one contains five items and a special reward. The five items required to complete the Collection include Hot Cider, Mittens, Snowflake, Hot Chocolate and an Icicle. Finding these items is easy enough as they have a chance to drop at random when whacking away at the New Years Dance Floor, chopping down Pine Trees and tending to Winter Animals.

This includes animals released in recent promotions like those awarded from the Winter's a Comin' Goals. Turning in the Collection will reward players with the Winter Bear, a grizzly that looks reluctantly festive in his top hat and scarf. If you want this party animal to join you on the New Years Dance Floor tomorrow evening, you better get to chopping those trees and making those Winter Animals happy.

[Source and Image Credit FrontierVille Wiki]

[Second Image: FrontierVille Forums]

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