FrontierVille New Years RSVP Prizes: Everything you need to know

Along with the New Years Party Goals that were released in FrontierVille earlier today, comes a new collection event in the game, which will have users collecting RSVPs for their New Years Party, so that you can upgrade your dance floor to intricately decorated and massive proportions just in time for the ball to drop ringing in the new year.

While you'll need to collect just a few RSVPs to set your party into motion technically (that is, in order to bring some of the FrontierVille cast out onto the dance floor), that isn't their only purpose. In fact, collect enough RSVPs, either by completing the New Years Party Goals, or by earning them from friends, and you'll be able to trade them in for some awesome themed items.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the six prizes that are available, and how you'll earn them.First and foremost, before you can earn any prizes, you'll need to start gathering RSVPs, which is where a little help from your neighbors will really help you progress. As we stated before, you'll be able to earn free single RSVPs from completing some of the New Year Party Goals (or collecting bonuses posted by your friends after they complete the goals), but in order to really upgrade your party, you'll need to collect varying amounts of RSVPs, with a certain number being required to upgrade your Dance Floor a single level.

After you upgrade your Dance Floor to level 2 as part IV of the V part New Years Goal series (a task that requires you to have 10 RSVPs), you'll be able to continue upgrading your Dance Floor by collecting even more. This is done by clicking on the Dance Floor and clicking on the "Invite Friends" button, bringing up the a window like the one below, where you'll be able to post an Invite directly to your friends' walls. Be careful though, as all of your friends will be listed, not just your FrontierVille neighbors, so make sure you're not inadvertently spamming people that don't play the game.

The Dance Floor has six levels, with each subsequent level adding more decorations and more of the FrontierVille cast to your party. To start, you'll have Frontier Jack and Miss Fanny Wildcat, but over time, your party will grow to include Hank, Humble Bob and so on. Levels 3 through 6 of the Dance Floor upgrades will cost anywhere from 20 - 250 RSVPs to complete. You'll be able to upgrade your Dance Floor by simply clicking on the item and selecting "Upgrade Party!" from the drop-down menu that appears. Of course, you won't actually be able to upgrade until you have the required number of RSVPs for the party's next level, but a handy pop-up will let you know how many you've yet to earn.

Along with simply upgrading the Dance Floor to a more intricately decorated item, you'll also unlock some redeemable prizes for each level you upgrade to. The Prizes are unlocked as soon as your Party is upgraded, and are as follows:

New Years Sign - 5 RSVPs
Mini Bar - 10 RSVPs
Hooch Brut - 20 RSVPs
Party Pig - 50 RSVPs
Party Hats - 100 RSVPs
Confetti Cannon - 250 RSVPs

As you can see from the list above, this is way more than just a simple side-quest associated with the New Years Party Goals, as this is a full collection event, that will likely require lots of time and dedication on your part (along with a lot of very generous friends), if you'd like to earn enough RSVPs to unlock the most "expensive" items.

If nothing else, everyone should at least try to earn the Party Pig, as this is simply a fantastic animal, wearing a party hat and shutter shades - Shutter Shades! How cool is that!?

While the pop-up above states that you'll have to wait until December 31 to start the countdown, this isn't entirely accurate, as you can actually start the countdown whenever you'd like, by clicking on the Dance Floor and selecting "Start Countdown." This will allow you to redeem all prizes that you've unlocked up to that point. Don't worry about losing those other prizes though, as you can "throw a party" once per day, until the event is done, and you'll be able to receive any subsequent prizes that you've earned in the meantime by doing so. It should also be noted that your RSVP progress is saved permanently, so even if you decide to start the countdown before New Years Eve proper, you won't have to start collecting RSVPs from scratch, which is definitely a good thing.

And there you have it! Everything you need to throw a complete New Years Party in FrontierVille, along with tons of cool prizes and decorations to boot! What a way to end a year!

Check out the rest of our New Year's coverage right here.

Which of these RSVP prizes if your favorite? Let us know what you think about this event in the comments.
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