Five Apps for Under $4 to Help Keep New Year's Resolutions

Checking apps on an iPhoneWith the start of a new year come new goals. Some strive to stay organized, while others hit the gym in hopes of a smaller waist size. Whatever your New Year's resolution may be, iTunes has plenty of apps on hand to help users start 2011 the right way.

Lose It
For those looking to drop a few pounds this year, download the weight loss app, Lose It. The free app sets goals and tracks calories, making it easier to stick to an allotted amount. Enter new meals or click on previously consumed meals for efficient logging. The app also subtracts calories burned based on a variety of forms of exercise. According to iTunes, the average active Lose It user has lost more than 12 pounds.
FreeToday Todo
Organize hectic lives by buying this application. Simple, efficient and user-friendly, Today Todo reminds users of events using a notification feature. It also helps prioritize and group tasks together to make lengthy lists more manageable. Move tasks that don't need to be completed right away to the "Someday View" to get them out of sight, but Today Todo will make sure that they're not forgotten. Navigate the app by dragging around the sun for a visually pleasing way to stay productive and organized.

My Hours
Get a grip on busy work schedules by downloading My Hours. The app provides a daily calendar that clearly exhibits obligations so that you know exactly where to be and when. Great for tracking hourly wages, My Hours totals time spent working weekly, monthly and yearly and even incorporates hourly rates. Quickly sync the app with Google Calendar to merge work schedules with other obligations. My Hours will help users stay on top of finances and hours this year.

Let GoalMan help keep track of New Year's resolutions. The app visually tracks progress on personal goals. Custom graphs make it clear just how much has been accomplished. Save money, set long-term or monthly goals and organize them into clear categories. Plus, select start and end dates to help stay focused and motivated.

Party Budget Tracker
For those hoping to amp up their social lives in 2011, download the Party Budget Tracker. The app will help keep hosts on budget and count down to the big day. Record expenses in categories such as venue, food and music. Party Budget Tracker will keep a running total so that the social events don't break the bank.
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