Delta Loses Army Family's German Shepherd

Delta Air Lines is offering a $1,000 reward after losing an Army family's German Shepherd-mix dog at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport.

The dog, Nala, went missing last week while being transferred from a flight from San Diego to one headed to Frankfurt, Germany. The family's other dog, a beagle, arrived in Germany without a hitch.

"It's devastating," says Alisa Miller, 30, the dog's owner, whose husband is newly stationed outside of Frankfurt, and who flew to Atlanta to search for her pet.

"She's never ran away before, I don't know where she would go, I don't know where to look, I don't know this area," Miller says. "I just pray that Nala is found healthy and alive, and that I can bring her back home."

Delta spokeswoman Susan Elliott tells AOL Travel News the dog escaped from its crate at the airport.

"We immediately initiated a search and we were in contact with the owner. We have a $1,000 reward out," Elliott says. "We want to help the customer find her dog and have been doing everything we can to support that effort. We are working with her very aggressively to see what we can do."

Elliott adds she and other dog-loving employees are particularly sympathetic to Miller's plight.

"This is something very near and dear to many employees here at Delta who have animals of their own," Elliott says. "I have two dogs so I was loving all over them last night."

Photo, Family/Delta
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