CityVille: Neighbors can now help in quest completion - accept all the help you can get!

In a very appreciated new update, Zynga has announced that they have changed the way neighbor visits work in CityVille, so that a particular friend's actions will no longer negatively impact your own quest completion. To be specific, let's take an example of a quest that asks you to collect from houses 30 times.

Before this update, if your friends came to your town and collected from five homes, you would not earn progress towards your quest. What's more, they would have, in effect, "stolen" your ability to do so, as you would then have to wait for your homes to recharge, before you could collect from them again. Not a big deal with homes that only take a few minutes to recharge (like the Country Home, which takes just 5 minutes), but when it comes to some other buildings, this could set you back hours, or even days, if you were working on a quest that asked you to collect from a particular building.

Another example of this comes with the Italian Restaurant quest line (pictured), which asks you to collect from Terraced Brownstones 20 times. Formerly, if your friends collected from these buildings, you would have to wait a full six hours before you could manually collect from them again and earn progress on your own quest.

With this new update, however, friends will no longer be able to steal your progress in quests; in fact, instead of negating your progress, they will now count towards your own quest completion. This is great news for lower level players, that may not have enough energy to finish some of the starter repetition quests on their own (without waiting for their energy to recharge, that is), as they can now simply ask their friends to come to their cities, complete some specific tasks, and have that count in their own game.

That being the case, feel free to accept any and all help your friends give you in CityVille from here on in, without the worry of them accidentally slowing down your quest progress.

What do you think of this new update? Do you appreciate the fact that your friends can now help you complete quests, or are you more of a solo player? Let us know in the comments.