CityVille Cheats and Tips: How to become Mayor

cityville cheats mayor
So you've decided to start playing CityVille and become Mayor of your own city. You've been putting up buildings, farming, decorating your city, using our CityVille guides, and expanded your franchises; yet somehow you still haven't become Mayor of your growing CityVille town. Have you been nominated as a candidate by Samantha, but still not sure how to become Mayor? Fortunately, our CityVille Cheats & Tips: How to become Mayor guide has all the answers to help you rise up as leader of your city and unlock the pier shipment seaport. It's easy to become Mayor in CityVille; follow our guide and you'll be an elected official in no time.
cityville cheats mayor
Like many other developments in CityVille, to become Mayor you need to complete missions. Starting with the first mission in the game, here are all the missions you need to complete to reach CityVille's Become Mayor mission:

  • Name Your City!
  • City is Born
  • First Neighborhood
  • Incoming Shipment
  • Build a Bakery!
  • Plant A City Flag
  • User Flies City Flag Proudly
  • A Post Office!
  • Build City Hall! - This is where you become nominated for Mayor, now let's get you elected!
  • Clear Trees!
  • Rita's Flower Garden
  • The Burger Joint
  • Build A Silo!
  • Build Franchises
  • Build Headquarters
  • Run Remote Franchise
  • Fuel Town Finances
  • Build A New Park
  • Increase Population
  • Build School
  • Become Mayor!

Though it looks as though becoming Mayor in CityVille is a ton of work, if you've been playing, you've probably completed most of these missions already. Check your game to see what mission you're up to, then find it in our list above to see how many missions you have left until election day. Chances are you're much closer to becoming CityVille's Mayor than you think.
cityville cheats become mayor
When you finally reach the Become Mayor! CityVille mission, you'll have quite a daunting task in front of you. To complete the mission you must:

  • Have 1,000 population
  • Collect from Businesses 30 times

You can prepare for this mission in advance by building Community Buildings so that you're population is already at 1,000 by the time CityVille's Become Mayor mission comes around. Remember, the school you have to build for the previous mission (Build School) will raise your population limit by 500. Other than that, to become Mayor all you have to do is collect from 30 businesses, which shouldn't take too long at all.
cityville cheats become mayor
But becoming Mayor is just another chapter of the CityVille saga. Once you're the Mayor of your city, you'll unlock the pier seaport and even more missions to explore. Shipping with piers can be complicated, but with our CityVille Shipment Guide and your new position as Mayor of CityVille, you should have no problem figuring it out.

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